From unlikely beginnings...

Jessica started her career aged 5 as an Apprentice Electrician working weekends with her father. She was misunderstood in school and lived out her life in a bubble of creative and scientific exploration. The only thing that remained constant was a drive to do something different.


...Even when attending the comprehensive school where I taught, Jessica stood out as someone who was exceptionally driven and talented in subjects that were normally the preserve of boys. Her interest and enthusiasm made her school life difficult owing to the culture of her peers in this inner-city school...


Teacher, Willows High School


The first female UK Young Engineer of the Year

A tireless effort to develop a low-cost uterine contraction monitor for a local medical device company led Jessica to invent a series of novel fibre optic technologies. In 2012 she became the first-ever female to take home the UK Young Engineer of the Year Award.


...Her ‘Contraction Optical Monitoring System’ project that was judged by the top scientists in the country to be worthy of this Engineering Award catapulted this 17-year-old onto the national stage....


Friend & Colleague


From engineer to businesswoman

Fixing push-bikes, washing cars and growing and selling radishes from her grandmother's allotment aged 12, Jessica always had a flair for business. Following a fall-out with her patent attorney which resulted in the technology being exploited worldwide, Jessica contacted the newly instated CEO of Maplin to embark on the next step of her journey - turning around their educational business.


...What I would like to stress is her energy, creativity and sheer enthusiasm for new challenges, and willingness to get involved. Always bubbling with ideas, Jessica's abilities are an asset to any project, whether technical or societal...


Colleague, WCSIM


Creating a New Way of Working for one of the world's most known brands

Henry Ford said that a customer could have a car in any colour as long as it was black. That was the birth of mass-manufacturing. But that model doesn't fit today's customer who is looking for a personalised, on-demand experience. The ability to (profitably) make any product, with any level of customisation, at any time, has eluded manufacturers for years.


Enter Industry 4.0 - A new digital, connected and rapdily changing Way of working likely to test the innovation stamina of even the most successful manufacturers. Whilst the technological advancements required to achieve this are no mean feat, the real challenge will be migrating age-old cultures to a new Post-Fordian Way of working.


...Jessica's approach to her work is both professional and passionate, and she is well known within Wales. She has built strong relationships with politicians and business leaders and continues to champion initiatives that disrupt the status quo...


Former manager, Cardiff University


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