Advancing standards to capitalise on evolving technology and create best practice

Vice Chair, Engineering & Manufacturing Route Panel

Changing the way we think about Apprenticeships in the UK. Approval of new and revised apprenticeship standards and assessment plans for the UK.

Non-Executive Director, Engineering Education Scheme Wales Ltd.

Wales' most established STEM education provider. Identifying the skills for the future Welsh Economy and giving young people of all ages the opportunity to experience science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a real-life context.

Member, Innovation Advisory Council for Wales

Improving the economy and wellbeing of people in Wales through innovation. Creating a fresh brand for innovation, developing centres of excellence, fostering collaboration and translating innovation horizontally across the economy.

Member, Design & Production Executive

Raising the profile of design and production within the IET and wider community. Contributing to policy making in the UK.

Member, Standards Advisory Panel

Identification of emerging technologies likely to significantly impact industry. Development of new and existing UK Technology Standards and Codes of Practice.

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